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Are you looking for a year-long rental, short-term rental (sublet) or looking to sublet your place? Let College Cribs make it easy.

Why Struggle With Leasing or Subletting?

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Prime Locations

Find opportunities to live in renovated and safe homes within a convenient short walking distance of Fordham.

Real Estate Background

The team at College Cribs has an extensive leasing and property management background, including members of Sandhills Real Estate Investments and Djurkovic Investment Properties.

Easy To Use

The College Cribs platform acts as a user friendly hub to access the available rentals and deep network of college students.

Friendly People

College Cribs provides you with a personalized experience when looking for your home, not just a landlord looking to get a spot filled.

Having lived on Bathgate Avenue, founders at College Cribs are Fordham alums and know how challenging it can be to find an off-campus apartment.

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"College Cribs can help to make the process of subleasing or finding the right place for your college journey extremely easy! They eliminate the old school means of finding or listing and bring an easy to use website to your fingertips. Their team is extremely knowledgeable with a real estate mind and background while also being incredibly friendly and outgoing when trying to help you."

Jay C.

"The College Cribs team is super professional and helped me find a safe off-campus apartment immediately. They helped me out when I really needed it and cannot thank them enough."

Viktoria R.